Policies and Procedures

  • Community Complaints  are to be directed to the EDJCA Community Liaison officer who will listen to the complaint, discuss the matter with relevant stakeholders and attempt  to resolve the matter amicably with all parties. Where matters cannot be reasonably resolved amicably then escalation to Council will occur.

  • Code of Conduct - QLD Cricket, and the  Cricket Australia - Junior Cricket Policy

  • Cricket Australia - Well Played Guidelines

  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Risk Management Strategy

  • Insurance  : All players including In2Cricket must be entered as members in myCricket and be financial with their clubs to ensure coverage by Cricket Australia's insurer. EDJCA players must be registered to Eastern Districts JCA and BEARS players to Bayside East and Redlands. For Details of the Insurance, claim forms etc click here.

  • Helmets : Approved cricket helmets must be worn by batsmen and wicket keepers.

  • Turf Wicket - Cricket spikes are to be worn by all players playing on turf wickets. 

  • Representative Playing AgesPolicy : Players must play in their correct age in representative teams as EDJCA will no longer allow players to play up a grade at representative level. They can be playing up a grade at club level though.
  • Electronic scoring devices : EDJCA allows clubs to determine whether their teams may use electronic scoring devices in EDJCA matches. For those looking to score using electronic devices in EDJCA matches, EDJCA has placed some tips for nxCricket, an iPad application, on the Resources Page .

Results MyCricket

  • EDJCA require results to be entered in MyCricket for U11 and U12 teams but is optional for U9 and U10 teams who may elect to do so for statistics (recommended).