Ground Bookings

EDJCA Controlled Ground Bookings

EDJCA has sub-let Whites Hill Reserve Cricket fields to Holland Park Junior Cricket Club and sub-leases Kianawah Park Tingalpa from Warehouse Cricket Association (for Saturday mornings October through March inclusive). EDJCA's clubs have access via their own arrangements to other fields they nominate with their teams in the EDJCA and BEARS competitions.

For a current schedule of use for Whites Hill Cricket Fields please email  

Current allocation for Pre-Christmas Summer 2017-18 to EDJCA Clubs for KP and Whites Hill is yet to be confirmed. Whites Hill Reserve, Camp Hill. Whites Hill Reserve is a BCC owned facility on which there are 3 head leases:
  • The Cricket Fields - leased to EDJCA - sub-let to HPJCC
  • The Soccer Fields - leased to Holland Park Hawks FC
  • The Touch Football Fields - leased to BMTA
Touch football or soccer training is not permitted on cricket grounds at any time.

Care must be taken when entering and leaving Whites Hill Reserve and when making your way around the service roads as at times there is a lot of vehicle movements and pedestrians of all ages, including small children, crossing roads.
  • Speed Limit is 20kph
  • No parking on yellow lines
  • No parking across field access gates as these are Ambulance entry points
  • Please park in marked spaces
  • There are several spaces for disabled parking - do not park there unless you are entitled
  • Be patient - sometimes it can take a while to find a park, enter or exit the facility
  • Whilst all carparks are available to all users, please try to park adjacent the cricket fields whilst attending cricket matches or training
The only public use area for organised activities is "the common" above the playground near the public toilets.

Please keep all dogs on-leash and bring bags to clean-up your dog's droppings
. Whites Hill Reserve is NOT an off-leash area and council fines are $200 per dog for not being on lead, $50 for not being in possession of bags to clean-up droppings and $200 for not cleaning-up your dog's droppings. The off-leash area is 500m up the hill at the water tower cnr Boundary Rd and Cavendish Rd.

HPJCC manages all bookings on the cricket fields for maximum sustainable use.
  • Grass needs rest to recover and grow, so fields cannot be used every day all day. Compaction, rutting and wear are three main elements of concern along with water and mowing.
  •  The groundsman treats the fields with fertiliser, weed killer and grub spray (chemicals) and we arrange these at times when they will not adversely affect booked use.
Organised activities (such as training and matches) are not permitted on EDJCA/HPJCC leased areas without HPJCC written permission and a booking with HPJCC. A Short Term Lease Agreement must be completed and signed before use. Fees apply.

EDJCA/HPJCC has a written agreement with BMTA for use of the cricket fields by scheduled BMTA touch fixtures up to 4 nights per week, except when required by cricket, to supplement BMTA's own fields. There is no touch training and no soccer training on the cricket fields.

Football boots are not permitted
on cricket fields as they damage the fields (increase compaction, rutting and wear) and make them unsafe for cricket.

Roped-off areas are not to be entered. Do not walk under ropes to access parts of the complex.

Cricket Spikes must be worn on Whites Hill Turf Wicket and are a requirement on most other turf wickets.

For bookings of Whites Hill cricket fields, please email

Fees apply for all cricket bookings (no exceptions).


Kianawah Park, Tingalpa.

For allocation of KP grounds to EDJCA clubs, Iona and Villanova Schools for the pre or post-Christmas summer season, please email prior to team nominations being lodged each half season.

KP Wet weather info line (run by Warehouse Cricket) is 1900-931887